Vintage mugshots…

There’s a certain nostalgic fascination -at least to me- in seeing things like this, mugshots from the 1930’s and early 1940’s:

The very first presented image was especially fascinating:


This young lady was 17 years old when the mugshot was taken in 1942, meaning that if she’s still alive today, she would be 88 or so years old.

Which makes one wonder:  What was her life like?  Did she continue to engage in these petty crimes (she was arrested, as noted in the mugshot description, for Shoplifting) or was this one of those silly teenage activities she did only this one time and learned her lesson?  Conversely, was this just one example of her criminal activities and spent the rest of her life in and out of correction facilities?  Could she have “moved up” to more serious crimes?

I’d like to think the rest of her life was far more pleasant than that particular moment in October of 1942…