Longmire, season 4 on Netflix…

I’m a big fan of Longmire, the television show that aired for three seasons on A&E only to be cancelled on a particularly juicy cliffhanger.  Thankfully, Netflix snatched the show up and come September 10th, ten episodes will become available for any subscriber to see:


This is the first time I’m eager to catch a “new” series on Netflix.  I was no more than curios to see the new Arrested Development but when I started seeing the episodes I wasn’t all that impressed and dropped it after the first one.  I’ve read/heard varying accounts of how good/bad the new episodes were.  If I ever find the free time, I’ll eventually give it a look-see.

But I most certainly will be giving Longmire a look.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll remain as fascinating as it was when it aired on A&E.