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Longmire, season 4 on Netflix…

I’m a big fan of Longmire, the television show that aired for three seasons on A&E only to be cancelled on a particularly juicy cliffhanger.  Thankfully, Netflix snatched the show up and come September 10th, ten episodes will become available for any subscriber to see:


This is the first time I’m eager to catch a “new” series on Netflix.  I was no more than curios to see the new Arrested Development but when I started seeing the episodes I wasn’t all that impressed and dropped it after the first one.  I’ve read/heard varying accounts of how good/bad the new episodes were.  If I ever find the free time, I’ll eventually give it a look-see.

But I most certainly will be giving Longmire a look.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll remain as fascinating as it was when it aired on A&E.


Count me among those who were shocked by the news yesterday that A&E was cancelling their “most-watched original drama series of all time”, this according to Deadline, after three seasons.

According to that same Deadline article, the producers of the show are shopping it elsewhere.  Normally, that wouldn’t fill me with too much optimism, but given the ratings the show had, getting picked up by another network may turn out to be more possible that for other vanquished series.

Still, what a shame!

If you haven’t seen Longmire, it is a show about the titular Sheriff, a recent widower (there’s much, much to that story!) who, along with his staff, patrols Absaroka County, Wyoming.  What I find so fascinating about the show is that almost all the main characters have interesting backstories that are slowly drawn out and sometimes intersect with the other characters in fascinating ways…all while featuring usually interesting “stand alone” mysteries per episode.

If you haven’t caught the three seasons of the show, I highly recommend you do so, though its painful to think that maybe, just maybe, that’s all we’ll get.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed it won’t be the case!